Movieclip progress

1 minute of flip progress so far

Whilst the workout is just as hard as ever, the ‘free session’ afterwards, also shows no sign of getting any easier.

I tried a series of back handsprings off of the trampet and almost knocked myself out on a metal bar after I bounced off the crash mats. Then I tried front somersaults and couldn’t get them to my feet. Eventually I got back some control after watching Jason throw some ‘saults’. Speed really helps, the momentum carries me forwards enough to rotate round to a forward roll afterwards.

Then we both took it to the main workout floor and succeeded in landing them controlled. I really wanted to try back handsprings on the floor too, but I really not ready for those yet. Time flew by and I managed to get one last go on the bouncy floor. This time trying straddles to handstand to forward roll and hand spring back up to my feet again. Result :) v happy. Check the movieclip for evidence.

Oh and look out for me helping jason back handspring on to a crash mat and him whacking me really hard in the face with his hand. Ouch!

later – mark


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