wakeboarding & tramp post

Well its been a week since my last jumpclub, and its been very missed, but a week not without activity. I’ve had a difficult go at wakeboarding, and another mamoth session on the trampoline. Wakeboarding in the Cotswolds, killed my upper body muscles and I’m still removering atm. Very enjoyable day tho and I can’t wait to get back and try it again.The tramp session last night was great too, and fully loosened up my aching muscles. I also got out the camera and took a number of fantastic ‘strobe light’ shots of Jay flipping about. Need to return with a tripod tho and shoot again, the use of a slow shutter and a shakey hand doesn’t work very well. Anyways…. gymnastical fun happened. Including round offs to backflip into the trampoline, and forward flips off Jays wall onto the grass in the garden. We both thought about trying backflips off the wall onto the grass, but didn’t risk it. In time though :)

Tonight ‘is’ jumpclub though. Can’t wait as usual, and I think I’ll have a good stretch before I leave home this evening. Note to self: must charge up the camera first. I want to try round offs to back handspring, or backflip if I can. More work on the front somersaults too. Looks like its just going to be me and jason tonight, which’ll be good.

Oh and my ‘clothing’ purchased occured. I bought those kickboxing trousers as mentioned below, they arrived, but the sizing was too small and I have returned them yesterday for a bigger size. Hopefully I may have them by tomorrow (long shot, but fingers crossed). Will definitely need them taken up in length, job for mother there!

That’ll do I think. I’m in a coffee shop atm, where I’ve just ate a bacon and brie panninis (£5.95) and a herbal tea (£1.40). Shame the chairs aren’t more comfortable here though. Good price for the tea, I might return here next week.

later – mark


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