Satin and Situps…

Kickboxing TrousersSoooo…..

I bought these troosers… except mine are in White. £8.99 a bargain, me thinks. I wanted white ones, because in fighting films, the badies are always in black and the ‘goodies’ are always in white… and I’m certainly not a badie and besides, white trousers will show up better on camera than the black ones. The satin look, whilst appearing a bit gay and sparkly, will at least prevent the trousers from gripping to my legs when I sweat. Me happy.

Apart from that. Today I’ve decided that as I might not make the Tuesday session as I’ll be wakeboarding, I should at least train a little at home. So I’m going to work, doing a few stretches etc in the livingroom, basically working my legs and surrounding tendons. I think I should also start doing pressups and situps again.

I say ‘again’… because I used to do those a lot. Like a bloody lot… like 80 pressups and 120 situps a day. In fact, if you can believe this (and I hope you do, as its true) I used to hop out of bed immediately and do 30 situps before peeing…. and then do 20 upside down pressups.

Anyways… so I think I should start a regular routine again. I’ll let you know how I get on.

mark :)


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