old skate injuries have surfaced I think, and its serious.

when I broke my arm 7 yrs ago, i always had trouble with it years later. Thursday night the pain surfaced again with a sharp pain in my forearm attempting a back handspring.


Now what? I’m gutted. If this is what I think it is, its going to hamper any weight dependent movements. My options? nothing. Stop flipping. The Dr stated I should have given up skateboarding all those years ago, but I continued. So I’m guessing they aren’t going to be much help now. For people that are thinking, ‘get them to break it and reset it again’ well… they don’t want to do that option either because of the multiple damage I’ve done to it (long story).

So at best, I can continue with limited ‘hand contact’…. or give up. hmm.

Well this wakeboarding thing I’m off to next week, will give me a break from jumping, but its not going to be much of rest really.

Bugger (with a capital B)


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