tramping it up…

Clip it up here!

last night (wed) I hit up my mates trampoline for a bit… and got dialled back sumasaults tucked… this is a big achievement for me because ever since I fell on my head trying one, I’d been backflipping in a big arched back shape so I don’t fall on my head again. Sooo… now I seemed to have cured it. I’m well stoked anyway. Plus I learnt to spin a front half flip sumasault a different way to how I’ve been trying. ergh….. ahh anyway.. I’ll get a clip up tomorrow showing progress

Tonight, was Thursdays jump club and there was about 15 adults up for it. Various stages of athlete, from national standard to ‘can barely to a cartwheel’… so a good spread. I’m about ‘average’ I think… I can do most of the basic stuff, but struggle with a lot of the strength orientated stuff atm. Hope to sort that out eventually.

Jason couldn’t make it last night, so it was just me and Robby, bouncing about. I started trying the ole frontflips on the bouncy floor to the crash mats, then robby joined in… I also tried a back handspring, but hurt my arm doing it. Robby did one perfectly, I think he could do them straight on the flat tbh. I need to work on my back arches more, cause I’m not flexible enought to get my body round quick enough.

After that we hit up the trampoline for the rest of the evening and I showed of my new ‘tucked’ back suma attempts. Plus a few ‘kicking’ backflips with robby trying them too. I also tried my new front half flip efforts, with a reasonable success. Meaning I got to my feet, but only just. More work definitely needed there.

Anyways.. the night flew by too quickly and now I’m not back there for a week, because next tuesday I’m going wakeboarding with Jay at a place up near Swindon. Gunna miss jumpclub though. :(

all done – mark


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