4th jumpclub…

Jumping is like golf I’ve decided. One day you’re good, the next day you suck. After the previous weeks success of landing multiple sumasaults, i’d planned to be doing plenty of the same again. However that wasn’t the case last night.I didn’t get 1 decent rotation like I’d hoped, but it didn’t matter too much cause I know this jumping lark takes ages to really learn anyway. A number of other smaller achievements were reached to keep me happy. 1 handed cartwheels were ticked off the list. I discovered that using my leading arm to put my weight on isn’t a good idea, once I tried with my trailing arm, I found almost immediate success. Also I learned a front handspring, which is to handstand forwards on to your feet. I remember doing those when about 12 when breakdancing, but its been 21yrs since then, so I was really happy to be landing them again.What else?Oh yeah, on the trampoline, I span a few backflips differently, with hardly any bounce I kick 1 leg up above my head, flip over with my head inches from the ground and land on the same leg I kicked up with. I think this trick is called ‘kick the moon’. Robbie noticed it and was impressed, I think Joe (jasons builder mate) captured it on camera, so hopefully I’ll get a clip sometime to display here.

I also jumped a forward sumasault with a half twist a coupla times and managed to bounce myself completely offa the tramp and into the foampit by accident. Felt good tho.

I also jumped a fair few backflips into the foampit, trying to sort out my travelling issue. I really need to learn the right technique if I’m ever to be able to spin them on the flat. I’m also keen to get my backhand springs dialed too, I hope to have a little go on my mate jays tramp later today to sort them out a bit.

above: back handsprings

Other things…

I didn’t get out my camera at all last night. Jason brought his vx2000 and Joe filmed mostly. I really wished I had got mine out tho, because I never get the footage from jason without loads of pushing and reminders… I like to reflect on my progress immediately afterwards, but I can’t now. ergh. ahh well. In time, I’ll get a few clips hopefully.

Tuesday nights are a busy night. Probably 25+ people were there last night and the kids (15-18) were again in fine form. throwing moves that even the gymnasts were struggling to name. Its so good to see, very inspiring. I managed to get showed some stuff by one of them too…. particularly how to begin training for a no-handed cartwheel. They’re all very friendly and I actually think I learn more and try more things by watching that lot than watching the old gits I jump with.

A few new faces were there too last night. Which is good, cause that means we’re no longer the newbies. It was one guys (liam) 2nd evening, and he’s on his own, so I got talk with him for a bit and make him feel welcome. He managed to start backfliping into the foampit, tho he did land on, and make his neck ‘click’ in the process, which alarmed me and him. Hopefully it won’t have put him off for Thursdays session. There was also a female dance instructor there for the first time, she told me about her phobia for going upside down, and it showed in her cartwheel and handstand attempts.

The last thing I want to document here is the class being split up. We recieved a letter at the end of the session to say that the classes had become too big and needed a new one to be introduced. Currently the masses of young ones on the Tuesday night is turning the ‘adult’ class into the ‘youth class’ with a few adults in it. The Gym hopes to redress this by having a specific class for the younger ones. I’m pleased because it’ll be easier to use all the equipment, but I’ll miss the kamikazi inspiration of the younger group.

Can’t wait till thursdays session. Tho I’m fairly certain I won’t be able to make next weeks tuesday session as I’m planning to go wakeboarding for the day with a few mates. I’ll qwert more when I know the details.

ok, I’m done here. A big post, but hey, I’m in Starbucks atm and i’ve got time to kill. Gunna go skate now. laters.


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