tricking history?

I was thinking earlier whilst buried in youtube vids about the fact this Gymnastics center we’re jumping in, is being overtaken by people that aren’t interested in Gymnastics in the slightest.  And have decided to use its facilities for something entirely different. And how the serious gymnasts might feel about this.

Similarly, I then thought about Martial Arts… and how people like myself and friends are taking all the jumps and acrobatics of the discipline and ignoring the ‘arts’ bit completely. Almost butchering everything they stand for and creating something new entirely. I bet serious fighters wish we’d all go away too. Just like how film photographers are being eclipsed by digital photographers.

This all led me to think about how new disciplines and fashions are formed. Its about how people look at something long standing and traditional, and take pieces of it away and mix it up with other styles to establish something completely different. Alex Sayhi is a classic example, one of the first guys to take elements of every kind of ‘art’ and take it to the streets for urban tricking.

I do feel guilty about taking part in such a disrespectful method of activity? not really. Because I wouldn’t do martial arts, I have no interest in fighting someone, and I wouldn’t do gymnastics, as I have no interest in poise and grace and parallel bars etc. I think as long as I don’ try and ‘pretend’ to be the same as a fighter or a gymnast, then I won’t be disrespecting what they do. Sure some will think that anyway… but that’s for them to deal with, I can’t help that.

Anyways… its just something I noticed and am now aware of. no biggie.


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