more aching after thoughts…

So its now the saturday, which is 2 days after the last jumpclub and I’m aching all over still. In fact I’m aching more now than I did on Friday… and this in turn could mean that I’m going to ache even more tomorrow than I am today.

The tops of my legs, the backs of my legs, my stomach & my lower back too. Everything hurts, yet I’m actually feeling pretty good. Everything feels tighter, even tho I’m hurting, I’m definitely feeling the benefits from all this extra exercise.

 I guess this is going to continue for a long time too. Unlike the skating aches I get where it goes away… the gym classes, keep pushing the body further and further… until uhhh…. either something ‘breaks’ or things won’t go any further! …… *gulp :/

Another side effect I’ve noticed is the mental stimulation after ‘jumping’. Thursday night I hardly slept, because I was still pumped from the evening… and Friday night I hardly slept because I was still thinking about the stuff I’d done and wanted to do at the next class. 3am wakeups each time! I’m hoping to actually get a full nights sleep tonight. Cause I’m been out skating in the sun all day and I’ve been on the cheap red wine too.

For those that are interested.. search for Sesshoumaru on youtube and find some tricking excellence. That guy defies gravity!

later – mark

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  1. Johnny Angel

    Hey man just a side note I was reading threw your blog, little advice from a fellow trickster, make sure to get your 8 hours of sleep after training that’s when your body does most of the repair work.
    Also the flips look pretty sick.


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