I love Thursdays

Last night was good. Thursdays are a smaller class = more room to have fun. Yet again the warm up and conditioning sucks major balls. Its the thing I dread every week particularly if I have to do 1 handed cartwheels (or no handed ones!)

Here’s a walk through of what happens on the Jump Club evening:

Get to the skatepark at hengrove at 7(ish) … roll for about 40mins (warm up)… then get to the Gym, pay me £4 (bargain), change into my shorts and (shoes & necklace off) wander into the Gym area, sit on the steps with everyone else (about 15 people last night). Whilst sitting there for a few minutes we get to see the young gymnastic group being teached and mentored. Impressive stuff indeed there.

Class starts by running around the huge jump mat, then skipping, then hopping on 1 leg, then jumping our way round. Then sitting down and stretching the inner thighs, shoulders, arms and legs, warming up ankles, knees and wrists. Doing lunges and splits, on our backs doing arches (very hard). Next up is a series of movement stuff, like runnning up and down steps, jumping up and down steps, pressups, situps, star jumps, tuck jumps, forward rolls, cartwheels, forward rolls to handstands, backward rolls to handstands, handstand walking (can’t do that yet). Finish. That all takes about 30mins. Once complete, we’re free to go wander about and do whatever we want.

Usually that means heading for the foam pits and chucking ourselves in anyway we can. Sumasaults and Backflips are the ones that every one (from my crew) want.

Last night I wanted to work on my ’round offs’, which is a cartwheel to vertical jump. A round off normally leads into a back handspring, or a backflip…. so its a good thing to practice height and power in the legs.

We got the camera out and document all our efforts.

I really got the hang of it and got a decent bounce, fairly consistantly, Jason struggled tho… but he wasn’t bothered, cause already, each of us have our strengths and weaknesses.

Next sumasauts on to the crash mats. My first one was pretty much dialled (stoked)… and I could have taken it straight on to the bouncy floor, but stayed with the mats and made sure I had them down. Jason struggled to start with but got them good in the end. Then after a few good ones, I thought I just need to get off the mats and do it on the bouncy floor. First 2 attempts, pretty much perfect, 2nd two I slipped, 5th one perfect again. V happy :D Robbie threw some crazy dangerous looking flips, but he’s not bothered about style or technique atm… just getting the thing landed.

Next up, to the trampoline, for a few backflips. I didn’t try sumasauts this time, after I landed on my face last thurs. I filmed Jason for a bit, who’s really good on the tramp compared to the rest of us.

After that, me and Robbie hit up the foam pit for some backflip training. Robbies got the rotation dialed but doesn’t travel, whilst I’m the opposite, I travel loads but can’t tuck for shit. After a few attempts, I control the tuck a little better and he starts to travel a little more backwards.

That’s about it. we’re told to stop and get out… we have had a ‘warm down’ before, but not tonight. A warm down consists of more stretching to try and gently bring our bodies back to normality after activity, otherwise the muscles cool too quickly and seize up and get stiff. I’m not bothered tho, skating keeps everything going for me.

We chat for a bit, I change out of me shorts and we’re off outside to the car, eating apples and drinking water etc.

Next I wanna mention why we’re all going, and the motivation etc. I also want to talk about the people that I jump with, the new friends I mean, as there’s a coupla characters which make it interesting each week.

ok I’m done. (big post again) – mark


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