Jump club

Hit list:
Slams: 1 (sumasaut to faceplant)
Achievements: 2 (front sumasauts, back flips on tramp)
Embarrassments: 3 (1 handed cartwheels, back rolls to handstand, hopping handstands)


Last night was ‘jump club’ (as I’m going to call it), and again Jason, Robbie and myself graced bristols finest facility for more flexing and stretching and making a tit of ourselves activities. I’ve decided either I’m much fitter than last week or its just much cooler, because unlike last week when the sweatpatch on my t-shirt was the size of a frisbie, last night it was only the size of a tennis ball.

yes, I think that’s the way to decide my fitness level from now on…. by the size of my sweatpatches.

Notable highlights from the night:

  1. many more people on a tuesday night
  2. I can’t do 1 handed cartwheels yet
  3. Robbie fell dangerously on his head.
  4. jasons knee’s nearly exploded upon every impact
  5. Robbie’s wrist feel like they’re broken
  6. I can almost front summasaut to my feet.

Ok, enough of that. The kids…!

Damn, that place was full of young guys all on the Parkour tip and chucking themselves from every obstacle possible. It was bloody inspiring to see. It struck me of the importance of activities such as this in their lives at such a young age. I saw people from a about 14+ doing mental flips that I can’t even comprehend yet.

Jason also starting chatting up Sally, and I just played it safe trying summasauts on to a mat. Then when I jumped on to the trampoline, I tucked waaaay too much on a sumasaut and landed on my face. Not good. I also grabbed out my (borrowed) video camera, and filmed jason on the tramp. As soon as I can I’ll get it online here to view.

Tramp Session

After the session, I felt good, quite achey, but that’s probably from the trampoline session I had the night before at Jays house. We all enjoyed it, and made it out alive and plan to go back again on Thursday night (8-9pm, 3rd Aug). I’m feeling good about myself atm, and think all this is doing helping my over all fitness. However, I am struggling with almost zero upper body strength and need to focus on that for a while.

loving it – mark


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