Aching afterthoughts…

Things that should be so simple to me, aren’t.I’m very aware of my crapness atm, and self conscious too.. I want to work on the basics, like rolls to handstand and flexing and stretches too… even smaller things like round offs (cartwheel to vertical bounce) I have no height in my bounce yet, or even the right technique. Its embarrassing, though no-one is laughing… in fact no-one is really bothered at all what my ability is, they only just want me to get on with it, so they can hurry up and have a go.

Backsprings. I don’t really know what these are called. But its a move from my old breakdancing days of rolling (squated) from your feet back to your shoulders, and with your arms positioned behind your head, and knees by your ears, you spring up and launch yourself back upright onto your feet. It took a few goes on a bouncey mat, but I got there in the end. Small achievements = happy feelings.

The other noticable achievement was my front sumasaut attempts from a bouncy floor to a crash mat. I really want to ge these basics dialled, and am going to work hard in the foam pits etc to get them down. Each front suma, was eratic in positioning and technique but I was getting ever closer to landing on my feel each time.

And a couple of times I perfectly reached my feet.

A great feeling indeed – Mark

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