Jump One Done

Note: this blog post was originally written on 31st July 2006. 


I’ve started this because I’ve started going to a gymnastics place in Bristol, and I’m not certain what’s going to happen with it, so want to document the whole thing for however long the fun lasts.

Why a Gym? you’re thinking….

Ok, It starts like this. My mate (jay) bought a trampoline for his daughter, we took it over and have been jumping on it learning loads of flips etc. I start to search the net for jumps and spins and flips and discover ‘tricking’ and ‘arts’. This leads on to watching people spinning and flipping about in gymnasiums and me wanting to go do the same. I search for ‘Bristol & gymnastics’ and find a stunning new(ish) facility in Hartcliffe in Bristol, very near the skatepark I regularly roll.

A quick phone call to Jason in Bristol and he’s up for an Adult lesson on Thursday eve (27th) with me… and surprises me on the night by bringing along his flatmate Robbie.


We start a warm up session with a whole buncha regulars, which was one of the hardest things i’ve ever done in my life. All 3 of us had sweat drenched T’s by the end of it… and I was done and ready to go home. However, we still had 30mins left, so a little backflipping fun was had in the foampits. We all learnt to backflip on to our hands, by the end of the evening, but are not confident enough to try it without the mats saving us.

Anyways…. fun and games we had… and me and Jason (not sure about robbie) will be back again tomorrow eve for another go at it. Hopefully we’ll grab some photographic and video evidence to show after that session.

i’ll keep ya posted!  – mark


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  1. Rix

    hey im a bristol tricker theirsa loads of us about. plz email me to organize a jam rix_kix_ass@hotmail

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